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HELEN Bridal Consultation Process

Consultations are done by phone, email, video conference, or in-person. The ideal time to reach out for the ‘initial consultation’ is 8-12 months before yourwedding. However, don't fret if your wedding date is less than six months away. The design process takes 6-12 months depending on scheduling andthecomplexity of the design. Please contact HELEN as soon as possible. We’ve helped‘last minute’ brides or brides with short engagements before. HELENoffers virtual fittings via video conference and sometimes physical to ensure the best fit.

1. Design Consultation
Your design consultation will take place by video conference. During this initial consultation, you and Helen will discuss your vision, ideas and what youarelooking to have in your dream dress. This appointment is all about gettingtoknow you—your personality, your taste, and your wedding style. Please gatherall your wedding dress ideas and inspiration. You will discuss your favorite dress silhouettes, styles, and colors. After the initial consultation, if you decide to moveforward with the design process Helen will start to design your dreamdress. Thedress design fee is $750 and is due at this time. The amount will be fully appliedtowards the final price of your custom gown. Afterward, Helen will do sketches and prepare a proposal to show you how she will execute your vision. Furtherconsultations can be done in person or by video conference.

2. Fabrics
You and Helen will also discuss your specific fabric needs so that she can sourcethe perfect materials for your design. We source our fabrics fromthe best vendors all around the world, the same suppliers as luxury name brands. If yourdesign requires something not readily available, it’s very likely that Helencancreate it for you.

3. Pricing
After you confirm the design, materials, and the type and amount of details, Helen will quote you an estimated price.

 4. Analyzing Your Body Type and Taking Detailed Measurements
To create the most flattering dress for you, Helen will take detailed measurements in a consultation by video conference. Or you can have themtaken by your local seamstress and send them to her.
5. Virtual Mockup Fitting
Just like how it’s done in Haute Couture design houses, Helen makes a mockupdress in similar material to your actual fabric choice to test the fit and designdetails. You’ll meet with her via video chat to analyze the results.

6. Construction
After the mockup fitting, Helen makes any necessary adjustments and begins work on your dress in the chosen fabrics.

7. Beading and Embellishing
You can specify the materials and placement of embellishments and work withHelen to achieve the exact look you want.

8. Final Fitting and Styling
You’ll do the final fitting after Helen completes the dress to make sure youarehappy with the result. And if you need further assistance, Helen will also helpyou to stylize your bridal look by suggesting the right shoes, accessories, hair andmakeup as well.

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