With a private atelier in Dubai, London and now Lagos, Helen Couture is expanding its range. The pieces are aesthetically regal with intricate embellishments. Every HC design is unique in its own right with contrasting elements of traditional, modern and cultural themes. Each garment is handmade and meticulously contoured to perfection to the client’s specific requirements and measurements.

Helen Couture is inventive and innovative with its designs. Working not just with fabric and trims but incorporating different resources such as technology and art, to create stories which affects the world’s view of fashion.

Creativity and inspiration struck Helen Chukwu at a very early age and She knew quickly that playing with dolls and playing dress-up meant something very different to her. Playtime became an expression of style and creativity where she would channel her talents through ideas generating fabrics and trims. It never occurred to her that she would want to do anything else but be a fashion designer.

At a young age, she became the CEO of Helen La Costura which launched in the UK and Nigeria in 2011. She attended Bellerbys College in Brighton UK, also pursuing her Foundation Degree in Arts, Helen spent a great deal of time in Dubai working with Dubai’s Bonco Nero Fashion House, she also plans to take brand HELEN global in the near future. Since the birth of the brand she had an opportunity to have a private showcase in London 2013, this includes Celebrity Endorsement Worn by Katie Cleary at the Oscar party 2013.

She also participated in Runway Dubai 2015 Spring Collection “Vida Du Lujo”, which pulls inspiration from bespoke and couture design, the colours were rich and bold with intricately detailed trims and embellishment.

For inspiration, she travels extensively around the world, veering away from tourist attractions to experience remote villages, local museums and neighbouring sights, which sparks the most amazing and exciting ideas for both her women and men’s wear (coming soon).

She forged ahead to attend finishing school in Switzerland (2016), at Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Montreux, where she got a different inspiration from tradition, modernity and culture which has influenced her creativity as a fashion designer, since then she has taken on the role of public speaking and mentoring young girls and women in her society.

In 2018, Helen Couture Atelier became operational in Lagos Nigeria, also looking forward to the different stores international in the future.